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theLAST   Toy Theatre 


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theLASTree Toy Theatre is a miniature recreation of the full-size show, preserving the original’s compelling nature.         Made of 100% scrap materials and supplies from the original and from previous theatre productions, the 27 miniature road puppets and a proscenium stage theatre were created with the purpose of a solo-puppeteer hidden from view under the proscenium’s floor. This 45-minute puppet show is intended for an intimate experience, enabling the urgent critique to reach the broadest geographic and social audiences. 

The original version requires 5 stage crew members and 12 puppeteers to manipulate 27 puppets, (one  puppet is a 26-foot-long whale); 142 cars and 6 soft set pieces on a large proscenium stage. The full-size show is in storage at this moment waiting for the next opportunity to be performed.   


Copyright©2018 theLASTree

by Laurencio Carlos Ruiz All Rights Reserved

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